This second edition will be held at the Teatre de Sa Societat on October 27 and 28 with luxury guests such as Diego San José, creator of the series “Vota Juan” – Feroz Award 2022, or the screenwriter of series for the BBC, Roland Moore.

Calvià hosts this week the second edition of FICTION MALLORCA PITCH, the meeting of the audiovisual industry. which is presented this year under the claim
and within the framework of the inter-island project
. This year the conference, sponsored by the City Council of Calvià, will be a meeting for the creative development of the audiovisual from the point of view of the screenwriters. Its second edition will take place on October 27th and 28th at Teatre Sa Societat, where different creators will be in contact with professionals from the audiovisual world in a sort of “meeting of the minds”.
jam session
to share experiences, panels and workshops

Majo García (Moderator), Alfonso Rodríguez (Mayor of Calvià), Andreu Serra (Conseller de Turisme – Consell de Mallorca), Pedro Barbadillo (Director Mallorca Film Commission), Andreu Fullana (Director and creator of the Fiction Mallorca Pitch)

Majo Garcia with Carmen Castilla (Ministry of Culture)
and Tomás Rossón (ALMA Guionistas)

The Mayor of Calvià, Alfonso Rodríguez, welcomes for the second year the team and participants of this meeting that seeks the development of the audiovisual industry by making it possible for screenwriters and producers to meet. “It is necessary that the administrations give the necessary impetus to audiovisual creation. For Calvià, meetings like this one mean to give space to cultural production and cultural activity that, from the municipality, we constantly try to promote in the scenic spaces and in creation”. The mayor closed his speech thanking the participation of the Consell de Mallorca and the Mallorca Film Commission because it has meant taking the Fiction Mallorca Pitch to another level.

Andreu Serra, Conseller de Transició, Turisme i Esports del Consell de Mallorca, Alfonso Rodríguez, Mayor of the municipality of Calvià, Pedro Barbadillo, director of the Mallorca Film Commission and Andreu Fullana, director of the Ibiza Film Commission inaugurated the event this morning accompanied by some of the guest speakers who will participate in the conference over the next two days: Lidia Fraga, scriptwriter at Iron (Feroz Award 2021), Manuel Morey (Use the Word), Lorenzo Mejino (Podcast: Travelling series), Tomas Roson (ALMA, Screenwriters Guild) y Carmen Castilla (Ministry of Culture).

Pedro Barbadillo with Ruben Östlund (director of Triangle of Sadness) and Stefan Schmitz (producer and distributor of AVALON).

P seor his part, Pedro Barbadillo, director of the Mallorca Film Commission, explained that this meeting is a third phase of a larger project: Islands of Fiction, an international audiovisual residency project born from the need to collaborate between the three Film Commissions of the Balearic Islands (Mallorca, Menorca, Ibiza) and the three Consells to start working the industry on an island level. “We wanted this time to work from the origin, from the work of screenwriters and storytellers to support those ideas from the beginning. Our goal is not only to attract shoots, but also to support those ideas that will later become films or series.”

Andreu Fullana, director of the Ibiza Film Commission, thanks on the one hand the Calvià City Council for betting again for this meeting and, on the other hand, for having in this second edition with the support of the Consell de Mallorca and the Mallorca Film Commission, which have raised the Fiction Mallorca Pitch to an international level.

The Conseller de Transició, Turisme i Esports of the Consell de Mallorca, Andreu Serra, closed the inauguration stating that “the film and audiovisual industry has to be a protagonist in Mallorca and we try to do it by land, sea and air from two fundamental prisms: taking care of our natural spaces for creators to inspire and shoot their stories here and, on the other hand, strengthening the infrastructure of our audiovisual industry, also from the economic support, so that it is strong and can develop these projects and ideas here on the island.

The FICTION MALLORCA PITCH, STORYTELLERS aims to make the conference held at the Teatre Sa Societat in the Mallorcan town of Calvià a meeting of audiovisual creation at all levels: local, national and international . This year it is included in the framework of the script development laboratory ISLAS DE FICCIÓNa project created by the Consells de Mallorca, Menorca and Ibiza, with the support of the ICAA (Instituto de la Cinematografía y las Artes Audiovisuales del Ministerio de Cultura).