1. INTRODUCTION The ‘FICTION MALLORCA PITCH’ is an audiovisual MICE with the clear intention of working on the development, training and export of the Balearic audiovisual industry and aims to become a place of reference for industry professionals locally, nationally and internationally through its guests and the projects registered to participate in this forum. The edition of 2023 will be on October 17 and 18 in Sa Societat (Calvià), the official venue of the Fiction Mallorca Pitch. During these days will take The FICTION PITCHING FORUM will be held in 2023 with the collaboration of the “EVOLUTION MALLORCA INTERNATIONAL FILM FESTIVAL”.
  1. OBJECTIVE The third edition of the project forum within the ‘FICTION MALLORCA PITCH’ aims to bring together professionals from the local, national and international audiovisual sector working in executive production, screenwriting and directing who have a fiction project for film or television and have a special interest for the Balearic industry, either in exporting talent or investment to the islands.
  1. REGISTRATION To register projects for the 3rd Edition of the project development forum at the ‘FICTION MALLORCA PITCH’ it is necessary to fill out a form registration form for each project to at biamaudiovisual.com/inscription-forum/. A link to a dossier of the project, hosted in the cloud (Google Drive, Drobpox, etc.) must be attached and indicate the status of the project (development, financing, production, etc.). The completed Financing Plan form available on the website biamaudiovisual.com/foro-proyectos must also be attached. It is recommended to have 10% of financing confirmed. The following film and television formats may be registered in this forum: feature films, miniseries/fiction series. Registration is open to both production companies and individuals who are self-employed and are registered in the IAE in any activity related to audiovisual production. Likewise, Up to 2 projects per creator or company may be registered and, at most, one (1) project per author or company may be selected to participate in the ”FICTION MALLORCA PITCH”.
  1. PROJECT REGISTRATION PERIOD The registration period for film and television projects to participate in the 3rd edition of the ‘FICTION MALLORCA PITCH’ project forum will be open until 19
    19 May 2023.
  1. SELECTION – From among all the projects received to participate in the ‘FICTION MALLORCA PITCH’ 2023, a second phase will be carried out with the 16 best projects (8 feature films and 8 television fiction) that pass as the best valued and must send a 3-minute video pitch for the final evaluation. A Committee of Experts will select 5 feature film projects and 5 TV series projects, to make a pitch in front of prominent agents of the audiovisual sector. Of the selected projects, 50% will be projects presented by women; also among those selected there will be projects from companies and/or creators from the Balearic Islands, and from other parts of the world that have a special interest in an organic production and/or co-production with the Balearic Islands.
  1. DEVELOPMENT OF THE PITCHING The Pitching day of the 3rd edition of the ‘FICTION MALLORCA PITCH’ will take place on October 17, 2023 in the municipality of Calvià (Mallorca) in a face-to-face format. There will be a block of television projects and another block of feature films. They will have a maximum of 7 minutes per project and will be followed by networking spaces and one-to-one meetings.
  1. AWARDS During the awards gala on October 17, the WIP (Work in Progress) award will be presented to the Best Pitch of the day and WIP Best Balearic Islands Project with international projection.
  1. COLLABORATIONS PROJECT FORUM The third Fiction Pitching Forum of the Fiction Mallorca Pitch has the support of the Calvià Town Hall and the Calvià Film Office. It also has the collaboration of the Evolution Mallorca International Film Festival.
  1. CONTACT Andreu Fullana – info@biamaudiovisual.com – www.fitcionmallorcapitch.es